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Temperature Monitoring System



Pharmaceutical Temperature  Monitoring

Being specialists in our industry of Real Time Temperature Monitoring and having worked with many Pharmacists we understand how crucial Temperature is to your industry.


Fridge, Freezers and Cold Room Temperature Monitoring

Maintaining the cold chain is imperative for keeping a high standard of quality and maintaining shelf life to ensure customer satisfaction. This starts with your local Fridge, Freezer or Cold Room.


Agricultural Remote Temperature/Humidly Monitoring 

Recently we secured a national deal to monitor the largest Chicken producer in South Africa.

Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport

Being a partner with the largest insulated truck/trailer body builder company in the South Africa SERCO and integrating with the two biggest fleet management companies in country proves Ikhaya’ s quality and reliability.

Server Rooms

Server Rooms and Datacentre Temperature Monitoring

Server Rooms are the engines of any business and they work tirelessly in the background until something goes wrong like an Air Conditioner or Power Failure.


Industrial Remote Monitoring

Whether you looking at monitoring Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow, Humidity, CO2, Power or any other process sensor that has a 4-20mA or 1-5Vdc output in real time and/or remotely; Ikhaya would be able to provide you a real time monitoring solution

Data Loggers

Data Loggers

Ikhaya can offer single use or multi use temperature loggers to fit your requirement, please contact us for more information.

Temperature Mapping

Summer & Winter Mapping

Temperature mapping is the process of mapping the differences and changes in temperature that occur within a defined area due to influences like HVAC Systems, opening doors, lights, proximity to cooling fans, personnel movement, and the quantity of products being stored at any given time.

Sound Meters

Our client had the problem whereby noise was negatively influencing their patients by preventing them from sleeping which led to longer recovery times and poor reviews. Ikhaya embarked on creating a real time NOISE monitoring solution to curtail this behaviour and working closely with the client we monitored the LEQ value.