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Temperature Monitoring


Real-time Temperature monitoring system with interactive web service consisting of Dashboard, Reports, Alerts & Graphs.

VM 1000 (Vaccine Monitor)

  • SMS, Email & Buzzer alert
  • Alert can be cancelled via the keypad or response via SMS/Email
  • User programmable delay on an alarm
  • Pre-defined time delay between SMS/Email escalation recipients
  • SD card for data storage
  • On-board recorded alarm history with date & time of last alarm event
  • 90 days history downloadable via USB using an intelligent user friendly PC application
  • Door Alarm
  • On-board Min Max history
  • On-board Temperature and Humidity for ambient monitoring
  • On-board calibration
  • Battery Powered (not mains reliant)
  • Battery capable of lasting up to 5 years (default settings)
  • 12vdc input jack
  • Mounting via magnets or wall plugs
  • Hardware easily convertible/upgradable into a Real Time Monitoring Solution
  • Automated software update (GSM/SD Card)
  • Interactive web hosting service
  • Interactive, backlit OLED display
  • GPS enabled

Our current hardware for the VM 1000 can operate in 2 states:

  • Standalone Temperature monitoring SMS system whereby the unit will alert multiple users in the event of an alarm and allows the user to download the data via USB using an intelligent user-friendly PC application
  • Remote Real-time Temperature monitoring system with interactive web service consisting of Dashboard, Reports, Alerts & Graphs

Product Specifications

SpecVM 1000WiFi Unit
PQS ApprovedE006/61N
Real time MonitoringYY
Web BasedYY
Historical DataYY
Automated ReportsYY
Email AlertYY
Buzzer AlertYN
Wireless ProbesYN
Power Failure AlertYN
Door MonitoringYN
Service FeeYY
SD Card PortYN
USB Download PortYY
Internal Temp & HumidityYY
Range-200 to +600°C-30 to +55°C
Wired Probes41
Wireless Probes40
ModelVM 1000
Dimensions135mm x 100mm x 50mm
Mounting MethodVelcro/Mounting Screws
Mode of CommunicationGPRS
Mode of OperationElectronic
ICASA ApprovalTA-2018/2266
WHO ApprovalPQS Code: E006/061
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature5°C to 60°C
IP RatingIP 54
Storage Temperature5°C to 50°C
Electrical Specifications (Option 1)
Input Supply100 – 220Vac Adaptor with 12vdc output, 1 Amp (centre pin positive)
Standalone Battery BackupYes ( Lithium - Non rechargeable)
Current Consumption @ 12VActive Mode (GSM Transmission active): 150mA (typical) average
 Instantaneous peak current: 0.6 - 1 Amp
 Standby Mode: 55mA, Display ON
 Standby Mode (Adapter): 15mA (Power Down - LCD Off)
 Standby Mode ( Battery): 40uA
Battery TypeLithium Non Rechargeable
Battery Operating Life3-5 Years (LCD Display off, Power Save mode active)
Electrical Specifications (Option 2)
Input SupplyLithium Battery 3.6Vdc, 6.5Ah
Current Consumption @ 7.2 VDCActive Mode (Transmission): 150mA
 Standby Mode: 40uA (Display off)
Battery TypeLithium Non Rechargeable
Battery Operating Life3-5 Years
Number of Batteries2 x C Cell Lithium
Logging IntervalDefault: 10 Minutes
 Minimum: 1 Minute
 Maximum: 1440 Minutes
 (Configurable in 1 minute step duration)
Standard Upload FrequencyOnce per day or on alarm when in battery mode; configurable when connected to mains power
Memory Capability14 000 logs internal Flash
 Internal Buzzer
RemoteSMS, Email, Web
User interface
Viewing and ProgrammingWEB
 Membrane & LCD
StandardISO 9001-2015
Digital InputsOne (Door Sensor)
Temperature Sensor
Digital Probes4 ports but up to 8 sensors in parallel (Max of 80 meters cable in total)
Sensor Temperature Range-30°C to +55°C
Sensor Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C (-20°C to +55°C)
Sensor Resolution0.0625°C steps
Internal Temperature Humidity Sensor
Digital Probes1
Sensor Temperature Range0°C to +60°C
Sensor Temperature Accuracy±0.3°C
Sensor Humidity Range0% to 100%
Sensor Humidity Accuracy±2%
MembraneControl Buttons
TypeGraphic, OLED Backlit
Resolution128 x 64 Pixels
Display Length / Width65mm x 33mm

Specifications comimg soon…

Continuous improvement and high quality standards are some of our core values and we are very excited to be recognized for our cutting edge system, by being awarded an international certification by the World Health Organization, aligning us to a prestigious PQS listing: E006/061.