Poultry Remote Temperature/Humidly Monitoring

Recently we secured a national deal to monitor the largest Chicken producer in South Africa.

The original scope was to monitor in real time temperature and humidity in Broilers and provide alerts via sms and email which was easy but as soon we began to understand the customer’s challenges we evolved the system to include a Dashboard as well an intelligent algorithm.

The algorithm was designed such that the Production manager would be able to start a cycle via our web interface from the comfort of thier office or home. The algorithm would then automatically change the set point according to the cycle and alert if any excursions occur. On your right is a slide show of the dashboard and calendar which the algorithm is based off.

This being a success we have since evolved the system to monitor CO2, Humidity, Pressure, Water, Power and much more.

Our other solutions include Day Old Chick Truck Monitoring, Egg rooms as well as Rearing sites

Speak to the specialist in the industry and we will provide you with a cost effective and viable solution.

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