Data Loggers

Ikhaya can offer single use or multi use temperature loggers to fit your requirement, please contact us for more information.

Multi-use Logger

The safety of temperature sensitive perishable products including pharmaceuticals, vaccines and food raised more and more public attention nowadays, transport is an important part making up supply chain, so no doubt a reliable and accurate approach to monitoring the temperature condition in transit is as vital as other quality control measures.

Our Multi use temperature data loggers are designed for the complex conditions in transport and storage, with mark button for recording important events, users would be fully aware of the all events which need special attention, and multiple alarms could deliver detailed statistic results in various alarm ranges, this helps to offer more visibility for biopharmaceutical products in cold chain and validation operations.

The  data management software would help users gain more deeper insight into the environmental conditions the goods have been through.


  • Compact in size and easy-to-use
  • Multiple alarm ranges enhances risk controls for biopharmaceuticals
  • Mark button for recording important events
  • Automatic Adobe PDF report generation
  • Multifunction LCD displays alarm status and temperature statistics
  • EN12830 and FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliant
  • User replaceable battery

Single-Use Logger

Our Single use temperature logger option is ideal for temperature monitoring in cold chain applications, as a cost-effective data logger, It is easy-to-use and is a user-friendly operating experience, activation is done by pressing the button to start and placing it into shipment to be monitored, it will begin to accurately monitor the temperature parameters throughout the cold chain applications. Moreover, its compact size design could minimize the space occupation in shipment.

The integrated USB connector enables reading data immediately when arriving at destination without the need for docking stations or cabling, and auto PDF generation allows a customer to view the report without the need for software download and installation.


  • Encrypted PDF Report
  • Built-in USB Connector
  • Complies to EN12830:1999 for transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep frozen, quick-frozen food and others
  • Factory Pre-programmed
  • Food-safety and water-proof packaging complies to IP67 protection class
  • Qualified for Air Transport Monitoring

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