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Realtime Monitoring Web based Historical data Automated Reports  Graphs Sms alert Email Alert LCD Wireless Probes Power Failure Alert Service Fee Range Number of probes Acuracy  Output  Digital Inputs Analog Inputs
TC300 -200 to +600°C 8 0.5°C Siren/Light 3 0
TC200 -30 to +55°C 8 0.5°C Siren/Light 2 1
TC100 -30 to +55°C 2 0.5°C 0 0 0
Multi Use Logger -30 to +70°C 0 0.5°C 0 0 0
Single Use Logger -30 to +70°C 0 0.5°C 0 0 0
Wireless Temperature Probe (TC200) -30 to +55°C 1 0.5°C 0 2 2
Wireless Temperature Humidity Probe (TC200) 0 to +85°C 1 0.5°C/2%RH 0 1 1
Sound Max    30 to 100dB   1dB LEDS 0 0

How to choose the right products for your application

Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring SolutionOur Cloud Based Web Solution

A wireless system in all essence truly wireless from its sensors, communication to alerts. We utilise cutting edge wireless technologies to provide you with a real –time window into your business allowing you to monitor your critical variables from anywhere in the world via the internet. Completing the cold chain is what we do. The spin off is increasing quality control, reducing losses, having more in-the-pocket savings and lowering your carbon footprint.