How to choose the right products for your application

Temperature monitoring is a simple process and can be done by anyone; choosing the right product and partner for your application on the other hand may sometimes seem daunting and so we would like to assist in helping you making your decision.

Handling and timeously presenting collected data as well as keeping abreast of current technology is what differentiates our business from the rest.


Things you might want consider when making a decision in purchasing of a temperature monitoring system:


  1. Is the company Local or International
    • Local you are supporting your country of origin, creating jobs and promoting development
    • Time zones or culture won’t affect the promptness of response for a local company
  2. OEM or Reseller
    • OEM selling directly to end users have superior support as sales and engineering are housed under one umbrella
  3. How long has the company been around for
    • A well-established company will relieve any concerns of longevity and would be better suited in understanding your challenges.
  4. Who are some of their customers
  5. What is their financial status
    • Also provides security in your decision.
  6. What is their national footprint



Now in choosing a product:


  • Single Use Logger

Typically used in logistics applications where retrieving the logger from its destination is not practical, it is usually due to the cost of retrieval or the logistics around getting it back. It also makes it easy for a receiver to download as the USB Connector is built in, and the logger generates a report using most PDF viewers and so no specialised software or docking stations/cables are required for the receiver to view and send the report.

  • Multi Use Logger

A Multi Use Logger can be used in a variety of applications, from logistics to static facility temperature recording. If you were able to retrieve the logger after a delivery then using a logger that you could use over and over makes the most sense. The Multi use logger can be used in storage, testing, transport and other applications

  • SMS Based System

An SMS based System offers a feature one step up from the logger in that it can inform you of any temperature excursions, thus giving you a jump start on any issues that may cause losses of stock due to refrigeration or power failure, while you can interrogate the SMS unit to receive current temperature at any moment, it does not record the temperature history for reporting purposes

  • Real Time System

The Real Time System is the top of the range System in that you can have all of the features of the other options and more, you can interrogate the system to get real time information, multiple people can receive alerts on SMS and email to avoid stock losses and you can view historical data for auditing, analysis and reporting.